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Do you ever wonder how to choose the best nail primer? A gel nail primer is a special liquid substance whose task is to thoroughly degrease, clean and dry the nail. This is necessary due to the fact that our nail plate is too smooth naturally. That's why, gel polish simply can’t grip properly to the nail plate. And the primer helps to hold the nail and the coating together, which makes your gel manicure last longer. In addition, the primer is needed not only during the application of gel polish, it is necessary to use when you are using builder gel BIAB or BOB for extensions. It’s impossible to use a builder gel without a good primer. So after all, the primer delivers the main goal of the whole procedure - long lasting effect. 

Nails with a base

What types of primers are there?

Specialists of nail art distinguish two main types of primers - acidic and acid-free. They differ in one characteristic, on which both the quality of the future manicure and its design depend.

So, there are such types of primers:

The acid primer opens the scales on the nail plate, causing the gel polish to get gripped into the nail plate. Acid primer is used together with acrylic, because "acrylic" nails are more resistant, so their wearing period must be longer. This type of primer isn’t recommended for French or transparent manicure, because after complete drying, the acid primer often turns white.

Acid-free primer has a function of double-sided tape. So it sticks the nail plate to the coating. It might look like that this type of primer is no different from the previous one, but it is not. An acid-free primer, when applied, changes the PH level of the nail. By creating an alkaline environment, the substance makes the nail look like an artificial one, which improves the “coupling” between it and the gel polish. Of course, the fact of changing the pH is scary, but in fact, after removing the gel polish, the nail plate would be completely healthy.

So which one of them is the best nail primer?

There is another type of primer that even experienced manicure specialists often don’t know about. It’s a Low Acidic Primer

Primer for nails

Low-Acidic Primer is a revolutionary product - it's a hybrid product between acidic and non-acidic primer. It removes all the oils from the nail surface and prepares the nail plate for treatment without dehydrating it. At the same time It works like a double-sided tape, improving the adhesion of the gel polish to the natural nail.  It can be used for either -  healthy nails or dry and brittle nails. Healthy nails will never get over-dried and damaged. 

By the way, you can find this primer in our online store. It is ideal for both: beginners and advanced nail technicians and it can be called the Best nail primer for gel nails. 

What is a gel nail primer?

Do you ever wonder what nail primer is designed for? The gel nail primer is necessary not only for the adhesion of the base coat to the nails, but also for some medical aspects. The fact is that the presence of gel polish on the nails without a primer is associated with increased nail fragility, a change in the color of the nails (yellow tint), and even the appearance of fungal diseases. Without a primer, a greenhouse effect can occur, which creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Over time, bacteria might begin to enter the nail plate itself, changing its appearance and shape.

Primer for gel polish mani must be used to:Remove greasy layer;

  • Disinfect the plate;
  • Protect from chips, damage and brittleness;
  • Extend the wearing time of the cover.

It’s also needed to use primer for a manicure with regular nail polish. If you remember that the main function of the primer is to degrease, then it is clear why it is so important even for a simple manicure with regular varnish. In addition, the product slightly levels the nail surface, which also increases the duration of the ideal appearance of the manicure.

How to use nail primer for gel nails?

Let's figure out how to apply the primer on the nails correctly. Follow a few basic steps to get the job done:

  • Give the nails the desired shape;
  • Carefully treat the cuticle;
  • Coating the nails with a hybrid primer means removing the gloss from the nails with a special file;
  • Degrease the surface of the nails, remove dust and moisture from the nail plate;
  • Apply a primer from the selected manufacturer on the nails;
  • Now you can apply a rubber base coat, gel polish and diamond top coat.


Does nail primer need to be cured?

The gel nail primer doesn’t need to be dried in a UV lamp, it dries naturally in the air within 5 seconds.

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