Trendy manicure colors for autumn-winter 2022-2023 according to Pantone

Trendy manicure colours for autumn-winter 2022-2023 according to Pantone.

The new fashion season always has an updated palette of shades, which is provided by the Pantone Colour Institute. We are going to tell you what are the most fashionable nail colours for the winter 2022-2023. 

Fashionable shades for the fall-winter and spring-summer seasons are predicted by the Pantone Colour Institute. They also decide on the colour of the year - in 2022 it is a blue-violet colour Very Peri.

Very peri the trendiest colour of 2022

Twice a year, the company's specialists analyse Fashion Week shows in New York and London and draw up a palette of fashionable colours, as well as make a selection of basic, neutral shades.

In February 2022, representatives of the institute announced the list of trendy colours for the autumn-winter season 2022-2023: Molten Lava

Molten lava trendy colour autumn 2023

This intense red colour is a wonderful alternative to popular burgundy colours. Ideal for square and almond-shaped nails, it will look best on short nails. The main thing to remember is that a red nail colour requires the perfect manicure and very good cuticle work as it shows all the imperfections of the skin around the nail. 

Dragon Fire

Dragon fire popular nail colour autumn 2022

When you would like to apply some neon colours on your nails - choose the Dragon Fire shade! This trendy colour is perfect for both autumn and winter manicures. Energetic orange can be used on its own, as well as combined with red, white and black, pastel and milky shades of gel polish.

Meadow Violet

Violet trendy colour shade for autumn winter 2022-2023

Gentle, but at the same time dynamic Meadow Violet is an ideal colour for any occasion. It will look great in monochrome gradient nail design combined with other shades of purple.

Abundant Green

Trendy green nail colours autumn - winer 2022-2023

In autumn and winter, when there is not enough green shades around us, definitely go for a green manicure. The trendy colour Abundant Green will look great combined with mustard shades as well as just on its own. 

Spicy Mustard

Spicy mustard trendy pantone gel nails colour autumn winter 2022 2023

Another warm, cosy and very fashionable colour. Mustard yellow would work perfectly in combination with the Abundant Green, as well as with gold foil glitter designs. 

Lichen Blue

trendy blue colour for autumn 2022 winter 2023

This cool toned blue gel polish colour is ideal for a winter manicure. It is a perfect Christmas colour, especially if you combine it with white or silver nail design. 

Strawberry Cream

trendy colours 2022 -2023

Feels like this fashionable gentle pink colour is specially designed for romantic individuals who loves delicate and gentle nail colours. It will look absolutely gorgeous on its own, as well as combined with any other pastel toned gel polishes.


Trendy blue nail colour of 2022-2023 autumn winter

Clean and refreshing, Waterspout is the colour of crystal clear water which reflects the colour of the blue sky. It will look gorgeous in summer, as well as in colder months due to slightly cool shade of blue. It's a prefect colour to be combined with white gel polish. Chicory Coffee

trendy coffee nail colour autumn winter 2022 2023

This gorgeous dark warm brown colour looks so "cosy". It's a great choice for cold autumn and winter months. It will look amazing just on it's own as well as a base colour - you can apply any glitter on top of it to make it a perfect Christmas colour!

Cardamom Seed

Cardamom seed - trendy green colour autumn winter 2022 2023

Cardamom colour is a gorgeous olive green, with a subtle lime undertone. This trendy colour is for those clients who likes complex shades in their manicure. Cardamom Seed is a great colour to use for drawing "plant" nail designs - leaves, graphic flower buds, as well as minimalistic dots in very popular quail effect.

Lava Falls

The trendy colour of Lava Falls is similar to the previously discussed Molten Lava, but a little darker, as if with the addition of grey. Like fiery red, orange red will look good on long plates and without design, and with different options for drawings, inscriptions, lines. It can also be used to create a coloured jacket - an option for those who do not like very bright nails.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - You Wish

>Samoan Sun

Delicate, soft sunny shade of Samoan Sun will warm you even when it's raining or frosty outside. Pick up a stylish accessory in this colour, buy a coat or do a manicure - plain or with a design. Almost pastel yellow will be perfect with other light shades, and it looks chic on its own.

Orange Tiger

Do not forget that 2022 is the year of the tiger so why not get a manicure with a shade of Orange Tiger? Combine bright, predatory orange with basic black and grey, or with more unexpected colours - blue, red, green.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Tangerine Dream

Rose Violet

For a floral look or a stylish monochromatic coating, Rose Violet is a rich pink-purple colour. Moderately bright, it will be appropriate for an everyday or office manicure. For even more restraint, tone it down with a matte top.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Make 'Em Look with Matte Top Coat


Another shade in the palette of trendy colours in manicure is Amazon. It is green, the colour of nature, which is growing in popularity. On its own or paired with other colours, this tone of green looks incredibly stylish. Suitable for square nails of any length - even the shortest.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Money Green with Diamond Top Coat


Floral pink is another trendy shade for lovers of a delicate manicure. Choose this colour for short nails - it will visually enlarge the nail plate. But be careful - if you have a wide nail bed, this colour will only emphasize it.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Good Girl

Caramel Café

The classic coffee shade has been replaced by coffee-caramel. It is warmer and cosier, and is perfect for the autumn-winter season. Caramel Café is a brown colour, so it can be used as a base colour and be combined with any shade from a warm palette.
Make a manicure in one tone, add cosy patterns or apply a speckled top for the effect of a quail egg - any of these options would work well.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Ferrero

Midnight Deep Blue

Add some mystery to your manicure by covering your nails with this trendy Midnight colour. It is a deep blue, it's beauty is reminiscent of a clear night sky. The shade is so self-sufficient that it does not require any design or dilution with other colours.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Deep Trouble

Martini Olive

Well, Martini Olive closes the palette of fashionable autumn-winter colours - it is a neutral olive, almost devoid of a green tint and leaving more in grey-brown. Sophisticated and multifaceted, it is acceptable in a single colour finish, as well as paired with simple, discreet colours.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Cocktail Olive

Neutral colours fall-winter 2022-23

In addition to the rich main palette, Pantone also highlighted trendy base colours. All of them are suitable for girls who prefer a calm and more neutral manicure to fit perfectly into office nail designs.
Each of the presented shades can be used to dilute or reduce the degree of brightness within your manicure.


Light, white shade with a barely noticeable brownish undertone. Suitable for narrow nail plates of any length. It looks spectacular in a quail manicure, as well as paired with sparkles.

Iced Coffee

Coffee colour, diluted with milk and a little ice added - this is how you can describe the trendy shade of Iced Coffee. Use it for a nude manicure or combine it with bright gel polishes.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Iced Latte

Peach Caramel

An unexpected shade for the base palette - caramel with a slight peach tint. This shade cannot be called neutral - it will conflict with many colours, especially cold ones. Warm shades are another matter completely - with them you will get a warming, stylish manicure.


A deep navy indigo blue is how Pantone describes Blueberry. It is ideal for a manicure on short nails - it visually stretches the plate, and can also become an alternative to black. Restrained and elegant - ideal for self-confident women.

Quiet Shade

A modest neutral grey is just what you need to reduce the brightness of the more vivid shades of the main fashion palette. It will look spectacular with orange, yellow, green and will be a concise addition to white, black and brown.

Arctic Wolf

Soft, neutral white with subtle hints of taupe is a chic alternative to classic white, which has long since gone off the trend list. Arctic Wolf is complex and self-sufficient, and also non-conflicting - with it, any colour will become even more interesting, and the design will become more original.

Autumn Blonde

The fashionable colour of Autumn Blonde is peach, heavily diluted with white. Very soft and gentle, it is suitable for an everyday, office or even a wedding manicure. Rhinestones and sequins will perfectly complement the festive design, while sliders and plain drawings will be a good solution for an everyday option.

Miss Dolla gel nail polish colour - Laid Bare

Polar Night

This shade of blue makes a chic base for deep cosmic glitter designs as well as cat eye manicures. Blue, on the verge of black - an option for nails of any length and shape.

Loden Frost

The shade of Loden Frost is green with the addition of brown and white. This mixture gave a neutral, slightly muted shade that will fit perfectly into both bright and pastel manicures. Complement it with lavender, add white or black, or play with gradient transitions within the green-orange palette.

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