Welcome to Miss Dolla, a brand making waves in the world of professional nail care and beauty.

As a relatively new entrant to the market, we're committed to delivering a fusion of quality, affordability, and ethics to every nail technician's toolkit. Our rise in the industry is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and responsiveness to our clients' evolving needs and expectations.

Our line of gel polishes boasts a wealth of features that make us stand out. First and foremost, our polishes offer impressive longevity. Designed to provide a durable, chip-resistant finish, Miss Dolla gel polishes ensure manicures that last up to 21+ days, leaving nails looking fresh and glossy for longer.

Recognising the importance of variety in nail art, we offer an extensive colour range. From delicate pastels to vibrant brights, and from rich darks to stunning neutrals, our collection caters to every client's taste and keeps you abreast of the latest trends.

Our commitment extends beyond the final look. We've designed our polishes to ensure a seamless application and removal process. The smooth, self-levelling consistency of our polishes ensures an even, streak-free application, and our polishes cure quickly and evenly under UV or LED lamps. Furthermore, our removal process is straightforward, reducing the risk of damage to the natural nail.

Quality should never mean complexity. With that philosophy, we've perfected our formula balance to provide polishes that are neither too thick nor too thin, ensuring a smooth application process. High pigmentation means vibrant, true-to-bottle colour in just one or two coats.

Moreover, we believe that quality should be accessible. Miss Dolla gel polishes are budget-friendly, offering outstanding value for money.

But our brand is more than just about providing excellent gel polishes. We're conscious of our ethical responsibilities. That's why all our products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, aligning with the values of an increasing number of clients who seek ethical beauty choices.

Welcome to Miss Dolla – a brand built on the pillars of quality, innovation, affordability, and ethics. Explore our range, elevate your professional toolkit, and join us on our journey to redefine beauty standards.