Lockdown. All the salons were closed. Millions of women from all around the world started to do their own gel nails at home. Hanna Putjato, the founder of London Lash, was not an exception. She bought a UV lamp, gel nail polishes from different nails brands and her home-based gel nail journey began. Being a nail technician in the past, Hanna quickly realised that most high street brands don’t provide the same gel polish retention as salon brands (even though they are being advertised as strong and long-lasting gel polishes). Within a week, polish started chipping off her nails. Considering that removal of the gel polish is a
long process, Hanna wasn’t satisfied with one week retention. 

Quality – The only thing which matters. That’s Hanna’s motto in life. Being a lover of gel nail polishes, Hanna decided to develop a gel polish range which would give women salon quality and long retention from the comfort of their own homes. Hanna has partnered up with Billy Green, CEO of London Lash, who used to work for big fashion and cosmetic brands like Pretty Little Thing, Look Fantastic and Glossybox. Together, they merged professional salon quality with latest fashion trends. After months of intense product development - Miss Dolla was born. Years of Hanna's experience of salon work as a nail technician helped them to develop an excellent gel polish which will give the best retention. With the correct application, Miss Dolla gel nail polishes last for at least 3 weeks without chipping. 

Miss Dolla nail polishes can be used by both salon professionals and home users. 

Application is very simple, takes no more than 20 minutes and includes 4 steps:
1) PH bond to optimise the PH level of the nail plate
2) Base coat (1 min UV-cured)
3) 2 layers of the Gel polish (1 min UV-cured)
4) Non-wipe top coat (1 min UV-cured)
Due to the premium strength of the polish, removal normally takes 15-20 minutes and involves filing the top coat off and soaking the nails with acetone foil wraps (same as with any professional gel nail removal).

We hope that you enjoy wearing Miss Dolla gel nail polish!
Hanna Putjato & Billy Green
Founders of Miss Dolla