Understanding the Roles of PH Bonder and Primers in Nail Enhancement

As a nail technician, mastering the nail preparation process is essential for achieving stunning and long-lasting manicures. Two key products used in this process are PH bonder and primers. However, it's important to recognise that there are two types of primers: acidic and non-acidic. In this blog post, we will explore the roles of PH bonder, acidic primer, and non-acidic primer, and how their proper application can contribute to optimal adhesion and durability of nail enhancements.


  • The Purpose of PH Bonder: PH bonder is the initial step in nail preparation. Applied after nail cleansing, it helps balance the pH level of the natural nail plate. By neutralizing acidity and removing excess oils, PH bonder creates an ideal foundation for improved adhesion of nail enhancements. It ensures a clean and receptive nail bed, promoting better longevity and performance of subsequent layers.

  • Acidic Primer. Acidic primers are bonding agents commonly used in acrylic nail systems. They contain acidic compounds that etch the surface of the natural nail, creating a rough texture. This texture enhances the adhesion between the natural nail and the acrylic product, ensuring a strong bond and extended wear time. Acidic primers are particularly effective for clients with challenging nail types or those prone to lifting.
  • Non-Acidic Primer. Non-acidic primers, also known as bonding agents or adhesive primers, are typically used in gel nail systems. Unlike acidic primers, they do not contain acidic compounds. Instead, non-acidic primers work by providing a sticky base that enhances the adhesion between the natural nail and the gel product. They create a secure bond without etching the nail surface, making them suitable for clients with more sensitive nails. 
  • Hybrid or low acidic primer. Low acidic primer combines the benefits of both, acidic and non-acidic primer. It provides a great bond between the nail and gel products without causing a natural nail any dryness. It suitable for any clients including those whose gel polish tends to lift. Low acidic primer is recommended as the best solution for nail technician. You can find Miss Dolla low acidic primer through this link.

    To achieve optimal results, it's crucial to follow the correct sequential application technique. After thoroughly applying and allowing the PH bonder to dry, proceed to apply the appropriate primer based on the nail enhancement system being used. Acidic primer is mostly used for acrylic systems, while low-acidic and non-acidic primer are used for gel systems. Applying the primer properly ensures excellent adhesion and durability of the nail enhancements.

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