The Ultimate Gel Polish Guide for Nail Technicians: Tips, Trends, and Techniques

Gel polish has revolutionized the nail industry with its durability and glossy finish. In this guide, we explore essential tips, the latest trends, and techniques every nail technician should know.

1. Perfecting Application: Achieving a flawless gel polish application starts with proper nail preparation. Ensure nails are clean, dry, and free of oils. Use a high-quality base coat like Miss Dolla’s to enhance adhesion and longevity.

2. Trending Colours and Effects: Stay updated with the latest colour trends and effects. This season is all about bold blues, soft pastels, and glitter accents. Offering these trendy options can attract a younger, style-conscious clientele.

3. Advanced Techniques: Master the art of gel polish with techniques such as marbling, ombré, and French tips using Miss Dolla products. These skills not only enhance service offerings but also allow for premium pricing.

4. Curing and Safety: Use the correct UV or LED lamp for curing gel polish as recommended by Miss Dolla. Educate clients on safe removal practices to prevent nail damage, promoting healthy, long-term nail care.

This guide provides a comprehensive look at working with gel polish. By staying informed about the latest products and techniques, nail technicians can offer superior services that clients love.

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