The Best Professional Gel Nail Polish Brands in the UK

Hello nail technicians!

The beauty industry is ever-evolving, and as professionals, it's crucial we keep ourselves updated. Gel nail polishes, renowned for their longevity and glossy finish, are a must-have in any nail salon. But with a plethora of brands available, which ones stand out in terms of quality, colour range, and application ease? How to choose the best gel nail polish uk? Let's dive into a list of the most reputable UK gel nail polish brands, ensuring you give your clients the best results possible.

  1. OPI Known globally, OPI’s gel polishes are a favourite amongst nail technicians. With an extensive colour palette and a reputation for lasting wear without chipping, it's a staple in many salons.

  2. Miss Dolla A rising star in the nail industry, Miss Dolla offers an exquisite range of shades tailored for every occasion. What sets them apart is their commitment to quality, ensuring every bottle meets the high standards of professionals like you..

  3. CND Shellac A pioneer in the nail industry, CND Shellac promises a 14-day wear, high-gloss shine, and a vast range of colours. Its unique formula ensures nails remain damage-free.

  4. Gelish Harmony Gelish has garnered a loyal following thanks to its rich pigmentation and longevity. Their formula ensures a smooth application and a finish that lasts for weeks.

  5. Jessica GELeration Jessica Cosmetics offers GELeration, a gel polish renowned for its gentle formula that protects the natural nail. Their commitment to maintaining nail health, combined with a beautiful colour range, makes them a top choice.

  6. Artistic Nail Design Their innovation in nail products has led to a gel polish line that is both vibrant and durable. With unique shades and a formula that prioritises nail health, it's a brand many professionals swear by.

Choosing the right gel polish brand can significantly impact your clients' satisfaction. The above brands have proven their worth in the industry, offering products that combine beauty with durability. From established names like OPI to emerging stars like Miss Dolla, there's a range of options to cater to every client's needs.

Stay updated, stay stylish, and here's to creating beautiful nails every day!

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