Strengthening Nails Post Gel - Essential Tips for Nail Technicians

In the world of nail care, gel nail polish has revolutionised the way we think about durability and beauty. It's no wonder that clients and nail technicians alike adore the long lasting shine and robustness that professional gel nail polish offers. However, one common concern persists: how do you ensure nails remain strong and healthy after gel polish removal? At Miss Dolla, we believe in nurturing the natural beauty of nails while embracing the innovation of gel polish. Here’s how nail technicians can strengthen nails post gel, ensuring their clients leave with not just the best nails but also the healthiest.

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Understand the Impact of Gel Polish

Gel nail polish, while offering an unbeatable gloss and wear, requires a specific removal process that can sometimes leave nails feeling weak or brittle. This is where the expertise of a skilled nail technician comes into play. Educating clients about the importance of nail health and the proper removal of gel polish is the first step in preventing damage.

Invest in Professional Gel Nail Polish

The quality of gel polish matters. As a nail technician, opting for professional grade gel nail polish is crucial. High quality formulas, like those available at Miss Dolla, are designed not just for aesthetic appeal but also to minimise potential harm to the nail bed during the application and removal process. Our range of gel polishes is formulated with nail health in mind, ensuring that you can offer your clients the best nails without compromise.

Promote Regular Hydration

Post gel care should focus heavily on hydration. Nails and cuticles can become dehydrated due to the acetone used in gel polish removal. Nail technicians should advise clients to apply a nourishing cuticle oil daily. Our specially formulated cuticle oils penetrate deep to moisturise and strengthen the nail bed, encouraging healthy growth. This simple step can make a significant difference in maintaining the integrity of the nail between appointments.

Encourage Breaks Between Applications

While it might be tempting to move from one gel application to the next, nails appreciate a breather. Encouraging clients to take a week long break between gel applications can significantly improve the health of their nails. During these intervals, applying a keratin nail strengthener can help repair and fortify nails, preparing them for their next gel polish adventure.

Offer Professional Strengthening Treatments

For nail technicians, offering professional nail strengthening treatments can be a game changer for clients with weakened nails. These treatments, often rich in vitamins and minerals, provide an intensive recovery process, rebuilding the nail from within. Incorporating these services at your salon not only elevates the care you provide but also positions you as a nail health advocate, reinforcing client trust and loyalty.

Educate on Proper Removal Techniques

The removal process plays a pivotal role in nail health post gel. Ensure that your clients understand the importance of professional removal. DIY attempts can lead to peeling and breakage, exacerbating weakness. By promoting gentle and effective removal techniques at your salon, you safeguard your clients’ nails against unnecessary damage.

In conclusion, strengthening nails after gel polish is a multifaceted approach that combines high quality products, client education, and dedicated nail care practices. As nail technicians, your role in guiding clients towards healthier nails is invaluable. By choosing professional gel nail polish from Miss Dolla and adhering to these essential tips, you ensure that your clients enjoy the best nails, both in beauty and health. Let’s embrace the beauty of gel polish without compromising on nail strength and integrity.

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