Nail Health and Gel Polishes: Myths, Facts, and Best Practices

In the dynamic world of nail care, gel polishes stand out for their durability and glossy finish, yet numerous myths surround their impact on nail health. At Miss Dolla, we're here to dispel the myths, present the facts, and share the best practices that ensure both beauty and health for your clients' nails.

Myth 1: Gel Polishes Ruin Your Natural Nails

It's a common misconception that gel polishes inherently damage natural nails. The truth lies not in the product but in the application and removal process. Using high-quality gel polishes from trusted brands like Miss Dolla, and following proper application and removal techniques, can actually protect the nail bed and maintain nail health.

Fact: Proper Hydration is Key

Gel polishes require curing under UV or LED lights, which can lead to dehydration of the nails and cuticles if not properly managed. Encourage your clients to regularly use nourishing cuticle oils and moisturizers from our Miss Dolla Nail Care line, designed to replenish hydration and promote healthy, resilient nails.

Best Practice: Gentle Removal

One of the most critical aspects of maintaining nail health with gel polishes is mastering the art of gentle removal. Avoid peeling or scraping, which can damage the nail surface. Instead, opt for our Gel Polish Remover, which safely dissolves the gel, making it easy to remove without harsh effects on the natural nail.

Myth 2: All Gel Polishes are Created Equal

Not all gel polishes are formulated with the same care and quality ingredients. At Miss Dolla, our gel polishes are developed with nail health in mind, free from harmful chemicals and enriched with vitamins to fortify nails during wear.

Fact: Regular Breaks Promote Nail Health

While our gel polishes are formulated to be gentle on nails, encouraging clients to take regular breaks between applications allows nails to breathe and recover. During these breaks, treating the nails with our Revitalizing Nail Elixir can significantly enhance their strength and flexibility.

Best Practice: Education and Continuous Care

Staying informed about the latest in nail health and sharing this knowledge with your clients is pivotal. Educate them on the importance of aftercare, using products from our Aftercare Range to ensure their nails remain strong and healthy between appointments.


Gel polishes offer the longevity and aesthetic appeal that clients love, without compromising nail health, provided the right practices are followed. By debunking myths, adhering to best practices, and using quality products from Miss Dolla, nail technicians can ensure their artistry is both beautiful and beneficial. Explore our range today and elevate your nail care service to new heights.

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