Mastering Gel Polishes - Tips for Perfect Application Every Time

Achieving flawless gel nails is an art that every nail technician aspires to perfect. With the right techniques and high quality products like those from Miss Dolla, you can ensure a stunning finish that lasts. Here, we share essential tips for mastering the application of nail gel polish, ensuring your clients receive the best gel nails every visit.

Prep the Nail Properly

The foundation of a great gel polish application is in the prep. Ensure nails are clean, dry, and free of oils. Use a gentle buffer to create a smooth surface. This step is crucial for the gel polish to adhere properly and is a staple practice for professionals looking to achieve the best results.

Apply Base Coat Thinly

A thin, even base coat is key to longevity and preventing peeling or lifting. Miss Dolla’s professional gel base coat is designed to bond seamlessly with our gel polishes, creating the perfect canvas for colour application. Remember, a thin layer is all you need for an effective foundation.

Base coat gel nail polish | Miss Dolla

Use High Quality Gel Polish

The quality of gel polish plays a significant role in the final outcome. Miss Dolla offers a wide range of nail gel polish colours that are pigmented, long-lasting, and easy to work with. By choosing high-quality gels, you're ensuring vibrant, even coverage that won't chip or fade prematurely.

Cure Properly Between Coats

Each layer of gel polish, from the base coat to the color, and finally the topcoat, needs to be cured under an LED or UV lamp for the recommended time. Proper curing ensures durability and the high-gloss finish that clients love. Miss Dolla’s professional gel polish is optimised for efficient curing, making it a go-to choice for nail technicians.

Apply the Colour Evenly

For the colour application, apply two thin coats rather than one thick layer. Thin coats cure more evenly and reduce the risk of smudging or bubbling, leaving a smooth, flawless finish. This technique also enhances the colour depth, giving you the vibrant, eye catching nails that clients adore.

Seal with a Top Coat

Finish with a high quality topcoat to seal in the colour and add a glossy shine that lasts. Miss Dolla’s topcoat not only provides a durable finish but also protects the nails from chips and scratches, ensuring your clients can enjoy their beautiful gel nails for weeks.


Mastering the application of gel polish is essential for any nail technician aiming to provide superior services. By following these tips and using professional-grade products from Miss Dolla, you can ensure perfect gel nails every time. Elevate your craft and delight your clients with durable, vibrant, and flawlessly applied gel polish manicures.

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