Beyond the Basics: Advanced Gel Polish Tricks Every Technician Needs

In the dynamic world of nail art, mastering advanced gel polish techniques can set you apart as a nail technician. Miss Dolla brings you expert tricks and tips to elevate your skill set and impress your clients with stunning, creative gel polish applications. Here’s how you can add sophistication and innovation to your services.

Perfecting the Ombre Effect: The ombre nail is a perennial favourite that requires precise blending skills. To achieve flawless gradients, use a sponge to dab the transition area between two polish colours gently. This technique helps in creating a smooth, seamless gradient that looks natural and sophisticated.

Incorporating Nail Art Stencils: Stencils can be your best friend for intricate designs. Ensure the base gel polish layer is completely dry before applying any stencil. Use a light hand when applying the top color and peel off the stencil immediately after application to prevent smudging, revealing crisp, detailed art.

Using Matte and Glossy Finishes Together: To create a striking contrast, combine matte and glossy finishes on the same nail. Apply a base coat and your color as usual, then use a matte topcoat over the entire nail. Once dry, apply glossy topcoat patterns or accents selectively for a multi-dimensional look.

Creating Textured Effects: For a client seeking something unique, textured nails are a fantastic option. Sprinkle clear or coloured acrylic powder over uncured gel polish and cure it under the lamp. The result is a sophisticated, textured finish that adds depth to the nails.

Advanced Marbling Techniques: Marbling with gel polish requires a steady hand and a bit of creativity. Use a fine-tipped tool to swirl different colors together on the nail before curing. Experiment with color combinations and swirling techniques to create signature designs.

Implementing LED Curing Wisely: Understanding your LED lamp’s settings is crucial for optimal curing and avoiding over or under-curing, which affects polish durability and appearance. Adjust curing times based on polish color and thickness for the best results.

Training and Practice: Lastly, continuous learning and practice are key. Attend workshops, watch tutorials from established nail artists, and keep practicing these advanced techniques. Miss Dolla offers professional training sessions aimed at refining your skills and introducing you to the latest trends in nail art.

Stay ahead of the curve with these advanced gel polish tricks and ensure your clients always leave your salon with a smile and stunning nails.

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