Staleks cuticle scissors with hook EXCLUSIVE 23 magnolia Type 2 SX-23/2M

£22.04 £24.49

Staleks Professional cuticle scissors EXCLUSIVE 23 type 2 in Magnolia design is a perfect tool for nail technicians of all experience levels. Manually sharpened under a microscope, these scissors SX-23/2M are the best cuticle scissors on the nail market. 

  • shortened straight handles - ensure the accuracy of the movements of the master
  • hook bend at the tip
  • perfect balance between blade thickness and sharpness
  • tapered ends
  • classic bending radius of the blades
  • manual sharpening under a microscope
  • polished cutting surface for a better cut of the cuticle
  • high hardness and smooth running
  • high product strength

Length 94.5+-1

Size of cutting part 24.5+-1.5

    If you are looking for the best cuticle scissors, then Staleks Professional cuticle scissors EXCLUSIVE 23 type 2 or SX-23/2M are a fantastic choice. 

    Miss Dolla professional nail supply UK is proud to work together with Staleks Pro - world leader in the production of the best metal tools for nail specialists. 

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