STALEKS PRO nail nippers SMART 70 / NS-70-14 / 14mm

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Introducing the Nail Nippers from Staleks, specially designed for nail technicians.

Key Features:

  • Blade length: 14mm.
  • Length of the handle (from the hinge): 8cm
  • Weight: 66g
  • Cutting edges: No tilt
  • HRC hardness: 48-51 units
  • The nippers are carefully and professionally hand-sharpened by a specialist on a diamond grinding wheel, ensuring they don't pull or catch the cut skin.
  • Made of 40X13 stainless steel, the same material used for surgical instruments.
  • The nippers are resistant to discoloration and rust.
  • They can be easily sterilized in an autoclave.
  • The polished surface feels very pleasant to the touch

The nail nippers NS-70-14 are perfect for professional manicure and pedicure. They are sharpened on both sides to prevent tearing of the skin, making nail plate correction process pleasant and comfortable. The straight cutting edges allow precise access to fine regrowth without risking  damage to the skin. You can fold them down to observe your work.

Enjoy Smooth and Easy Cuts:

  • The nippers feature specially designed handles that ensure smooth cuts and precise movements.
  • They fit perfectly in your hand, providing a secure grip without slipping.
  • Nippers have straight cutting edges with an inclination.
  • Soft, even opening stroke due to thorough polishing of the joint.
  • Made of stainless surgical steel, the blades stay sharp and maintain their shape.
  • Can be used for performing classic manicures and can also be used for finishing manicure performed using drill bits.
  • You can rely on this product for many years, as it can be sharpened and sterilized in an autoclave.

Staleks is a renowned and globally recognized brand trusted by professionals in the industry. Miss Dolla is proud to partner up with Staleks selling the best manicure instruments for nail technicians. Choose these high-quality nail nippers to enhance your nail care routine.

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