Rubber Base Coat 15ml - 04 Sherbet


Our Coloured Rubber Base coats can be use in the same way as "builder gel in a bottle". The main difference between Coloured Rubber Base and Builder Gel, is the fact that rubber base is more flexible / less hard than Builder Gel.  This quality makes it a perfect product for any type of nail plate including softer, weaker nails - the gel can "bend" together with the natural nail, which stops it from lifting and chipping on the sides. However, with its flexible structure you won't be able to build extensions with it. You can only use it as an overlay for natural nails (of any length). 

Our Rubber Base Coat designed to sculpt and strengthen the nails, whilst providing coating toughness, elasticity and maximum wear resistance. 

  • UV/LED curable
  • HEMA free
  • Sculpts and smooths the nail surface
  • Strengthens weak and brittle nails
  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Flexible to bend with the nail - no more chipped edges!
  • Creates a strong adhesion with gel polish and natural nail
  • Essential before the application of any gel nail polish
  • Recommended to use with Miss Dolla pH Bond
  • Easy removal with acetone
  • Clear colour
  • 15 ml bottle

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