VS Pedicure Wraps - 016

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  1. Prepare the nail and apply a rubber base coat, polymerise for a minute. 
  2. Remove the sticky layer using nail cleanser or surgical spirit.
  3. Choose the correct size of the wrap for your nail, if needed cut it with manicure scissors so it matches the shape of the nail better. 
  4. Remove the wrap film from the paper base using an orange stick
  5. Attach the wrap close to the cuticle and stick it to the sides of the nail by gently pulling and stretching it onto the nail. 
  6. Any extra wrap film around the free edge needs to be gently pulled onto the free edge and filed off. All the movements of the file must be in the same direction. 
  7. Once you are happy with the wrap application, apply a thin layer of rubber base coat onto the wrap surface and polymerise it. Finish the treatment with applying and polymerising a top coat. Don’t forget to seal the free edge with the top coat too. 
  8. Enjoy your gorgeous nails with this brown and black zebra print manicure wrap design!

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