VS Manicure / Pedicure Slider Film - Maxi - 075

£1.97 £2.19

Slider film is a fantastic way to add a flattering design to your nails or your clients nails. Our films are very easy to use. Unlike other brands, they are flexible, so you can stretch them for picture perfect and a wrinkle free finish. Gorgeous flower and plant slider film designs.

Slider film needs to be applied on the sticky layer of the rubber base or the sticky layer of the nail polish:

  1. Using manicure scissors, cut out the piece of the design you'd like to apply onto the nail. 
  2. Make the slider film wet by pressing the bottom part of it (paper base) into the wet cotton pad. 
  3. Remove the slider film from the paper base by sliding it onto the nail (don't forget that the product on the nail should have a sticky layer).
  4. Move the slider film to adjust the position and stretch it if needed. Please note that regular slider films normally don't stretch, but our sliders stretch well allowing the smooth wrinkle free finish. 
  5. Once you've finished the application, cover the slider film with the top coat, polymerise it and your perfect nail design is ready! 

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