Staleks nail file metal short (base) EXPERT 50 MBE-50

£4.49 £4.99

Staleks nail file metal short (base) EXPERT 50 is a perfect tool for nail technicians of all experience levels. This nail file metal base with the code MBE-50 is one of the best nail file bases on the market.

  • high-quality stainless steel
  • smooth polished surface
  • special recesses make it easy to remove the adhesive file after work
  • safe manicure procedure, minimized infection risk
  • for multiple use

If you are looking for the best nail file base, then Staleks nail file metal short (base) EXPERT 50 or MBE-50 is a fantastic choice. 

Staleks is a renowned and globally recognized brand trusted by professionals in the industry. Miss Dolla is proud to partner up with Staleks selling the best manicure instruments for nail technicians. Choose these high-quality Cuticle Clippers to enhance your nail care routine.

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