Why Nail Technicians Need Good Base and Top Coats

If you're a nail technician, you know how important base coats and top coats are. They're not just extras – they're key to making great nail art that lasts. In this post, we're going to talk about why they're so important, and we're going to look at some great options from Miss Dolla.

A base coat, like the Miss Dolla Rubber Base Coat (available in 8ml​ and15ml​ sizes), is your first step when you're doing a manicure. It goes on the nail first and it helps protect the nail from any staining that might happen from colored polish. It also helps the colored polish stick to the nail better, which means less chipping and peeling. And because it's clear, it won't change the color of your polish.

Before you put on the base coat, you can use a pre-treatment to get the nail ready. Miss Dolla's Hybrid Primer (Low Acidic)​ and PH Bond pre-treatment​ are great for this. They help dry out the nail surface and balance the nail's PH, which helps the gel polish stick even better.

After you've put on the color or created your nail art, you use a top coat. A top coat like Miss Dolla's Diamond Top Coat​ gives a shiny, glossy finish, making the color and art look even better. If your client wants a less shiny finish, Miss Dolla's Matte Top Coat​ gives a cool, smooth matte look.

Top coats also help protect the nail art, keeping it safe from everyday wear and tear. They help keep the nail art from chipping or peeling, so it stays looking great for longer.

So, base coats and top coats are really important for any nail technician. They help keep the nails safe, they make your work look better, and they help it last longer. The base and top coats from Miss Dolla are good quality and good value, making them a great choice for any nail technician.

Remember to keep checking our blog for more tips and advice for nail technicians. And don't forget to take a look at all our products, from base and top coats to colorful gel polishes. At Miss Dolla, we're all about quality, innovation, value, and making ethical choices. We're here to help you, the nail technician, make beauty even better! No wonder we are considered to be one of the best professional gel nail polish uk! 

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