Troubleshooting Common Gel Polish Problems: A Technician’s Handbook

Gel polish has become a staple in the nail industry for its durability, glossy finish, and wide array of colors. However, even the most seasoned nail technicians can encounter issues that compromise the quality of a gel manicure. At Miss Dolla, we understand the importance of perfection in every application. That’s why we’ve compiled a concise handbook to troubleshoot common gel polish problems, ensuring every manicure leaves your studio looking flawless.

1. Peeling and Lifting

One of the most common complaints about gel polish is peeling or lifting at the edges. This often results from improper nail preparation. To combat this, ensure the nail surface is clean, dry, and free of oils before application. Our Miss Dolla Nail Prep Dehydrator is designed to create the perfect foundation for gel application, improving adhesion and longevity.

2. Bubbles in the Polish

Bubbles can ruin the smooth finish of a gel polish manicure. They typically form when the polish is shaken vigorously before application or applied too thickly. To avoid this, gently roll the polish bottle between your hands before opening and apply in thin, even layers. Consider using Miss Dolla Gel Polishes, which are formulated to minimise bubbling and ensure a smooth application.
Miss Dolla's golden/shiny gel nail polish | Miss Dolla

3. Uneven Curing

Uneven curing can lead to tackiness or a dull finish. This is often a result of inadequate exposure to the curing lamp. Ensure that each nail receives even exposure to the UV/LED light. Our Miss Dolla LED Lamps are designed for optimal curing, offering even, comprehensive exposure that guarantees a perfect cure every time.

4. Colour Fading or Changing

Exposure to sunlight or harsh chemicals can cause gel polish to fade or change color. To protect against this, finish every manicure with the Miss Dolla No-Wipe Top Coat. This not only seals in color but also provides a durable shield against UV rays and chemicals, keeping the polish vibrant and true to color for weeks.

By addressing these common issues with the right techniques and quality products from Miss Dolla, nail technicians can elevate their service to the next level. Remember, the key to a perfect gel polish manicure lies in the details. With our expert solutions and your skilled application, every client can enjoy a lasting, beautiful gel polish manicure. Visit Miss Dolla for all your nail art needs, and turn every manicure into a masterpiece.

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