Sweeten Your Style with 'SUGAR CRUSH' Gel Nail Polish

Add a touch of charm to your nails with 'SUGAR CRUSH' Gel Nail Polish. This delightful shade combines playfulness with sophistication, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether for daytime casual or evening glamour, 'SUGAR CRUSH' offers a versatile and elegant look.

Sweeten Your Style with 'SUGAR CRUSH' Gel Nail Polish | Dolla

Why Choose 'SUGAR CRUSH'?

Long-Lasting Shine

Enjoy chip-resistant, long-lasting brilliance that keeps nails looking perfect for weeks.

Rich Pigmentation

Achieve smooth, even coverage with just a couple of coats, ensuring a professional finish.

Versatile Elegance

The soft hue complements a variety of styles, making it suitable for both casual and formal events.

Application Tips

Prep Nails Well

Start with clean, shaped nails and apply a quality base coat for optimal adhesion.

Apply Evenly

Use thin, consistent layers, curing each under UV or LED light for a flawless finish.

Seal and Protect

Use a top coat to enhance shine and durability, ensuring a professional look.

Educate Clients

Advise clients on post-manicure care, like using cuticle oil and avoiding harsh chemicals.


Showcase this shade on social media and in your salon’s marketing materials. Highlight its sweet and elegant qualities to attract clients eager to try it.

'Sweeten Your Style with 'SUGAR CRUSH' Gel Nail Polish and enjoy a perfect blend of charm and sophistication. With proper application and care, this polish ensures clients leave with stylish, beautiful nails.

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