How to Prevent Lifting or Chipping of Nail Products

Ensuring that your nail treatments last without lifting or chipping is crucial for maintaining a professional look and client satisfaction. Here are some effective strategies to minimize these common issues, using quality products like those from Miss Dolla to help nail technicians achieve the best results.

Proper Nail Preparation

The foundation of any long-lasting nail application starts with proper nail preparation. Ensure the nail surface is clean and free of oils or residue. Use Miss Dolla’s Nail Prep Dehydrator to remove any moisture and oil from the nail bed, creating an ideal surface for adhesion.

Use High-Quality Primers and Base Coats

Investing in high-quality primers and base coats can significantly reduce the chances of lifting or chipping. Miss Dolla’s Hybrid Primer not only enhances the adhesion of nail polish, gels, or acrylics but also prevents lifting at the edges. Applying a strong base coat like Miss Dolla’s Strengthening Base provides an additional layer of protection, anchoring the color coat to the nail more effectively.

Apply Products in Thin Layers

Thick layers of polish or gel can lead to premature chipping and lifting due to uneven curing and less flexibility. To prevent this, apply products in thin, even layers and cure thoroughly between each layer. Miss Dolla’s gel polishes are designed for smooth application, ensuring that even thin layers provide vibrant color and lasting wear.

Cap the Free Edge

Capping the free edge of the nail is a critical step often overlooked. Use the brush to seal the edge of the nail with each layer of base coat, color, and top coat. This technique locks in the product and minimizes the risk of chipping.

Use a Quality Top Coat

A durable top coat seals all the previous layers and provides a shield against chipping and peeling. Miss Dolla’s Fast Drying Top Coat not only adds a brilliant shine but also extends the longevity of the nail treatment, resisting chips and wear.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Frequent exposure to harsh chemicals can weaken the adhesion of nail products. Encourage clients to wear gloves when cleaning or using chemicals to prolong the life of their manicure.

Regular Maintenance

Advise clients to come in for regular maintenance visits. Filling in any regrowth and addressing any edges that may lift can significantly extend the lifespan of the nail treatment.

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