Choosing the right gel polish. Everything you need to know.

Choosing gel polish: what you need to know when buying it. 

Gel polish is an innovation in the field of nail service. Due to it's long term retention, girls no longer need to worry about repainting their nails every 3-5 days - gel polish lasts up to 3 weeks! And also, it gives a perfect gloss that does not fade until the end of the wear period.

Gel nail application has almost replaced the manicure using regular nail varnish. Long retention, glossy shine, incredibly bright and exciting colour palettes won the hearts of all nail technicians. There are so many gel nail suppliers on the market and it's so difficult to make the right choice about the best gel nail polish uk. How not to get lost in the variety of choices and find the best gel polish brand uk?

Gel polish, how to choose a good gel polish

Qualities of good quality gel nail polish:

  • Good gel polish stays on the nails for up to three weeks: it doesn't not chip, scratch or fade.
  • The palette of colours is very diverse: you can always choose a gel polish you like.
  • Gel polish is easy to apply and doesn't run or smudge when applied.
  • It feels very light on the nails and protects them from the aggressive effects of chemicals and from mechanical damage.
  • Gel polish doesn't have any strong odour and very rarely causes allergic reaction. 

However, there are certain conditions when gel polish is not recommended to be used:

  • If you have weak and brittle nails, you first need to determine the cause and treat them.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the gel product.
  • If you have any nail infections such as fungal infections etc. 

How to choose the best gel nail polish uk online:

  • Gel nail polish considered to be cosmetic product. Ask the supplier if their products have all the relevant cosmetic safety reports. Miss Dolla gel polishes have been been tested and registered as cosmetic products. 
  • Check if gel polish contains Hema. If it does - this gel polish is only suitable for professional use.
  • Website. Website of the reputable supplier looks clean and professional, all the product descriptions are clear and detailed. Ingredients of each product are listed in the descriptions. 

Strengthening the nails with BIAB or BOB. 

If your goal is to strengthen the nails, the product you can use instead of gel polish is - liquid builder gel (BOB/BIAB). This product provides flexible and durable coating, protects nails, promotes natural healthy nail growth, evens out the nail plate surface. 

Liquid builder is getting polymerised in a UV/LED lamp same as gel nail polish. The wear period is up to 3 weeks, after which it could be either professionally removed with the drill or infilled.

Before applying gel nail polish or liquid builder gel (BIAB / BOB) always apply a Hema free rubber base. It will protect the nail from colouring pigments and even up nail plate surface.  

Base coat, top coat gel polish Miss Dolla, the best top coat for gel nails

Base and top coat. 

The quality of the manicure, the ease of removal and the time of wearing gel polish depends on the base coat and top coat.

The base coat is responsible for the quality of adhesion of gel polish and natural nail, it protects nail from the colouring agent of the gel polish, it evens up the surface of the nail preparing it for further gel polish application. Manufacturers also often add some strengthening ingredients into the base coat. Miss Dolla offers hema free rubber base. 

The top coat protects the gel polish from chipping and fading.

There are a few different types of the top coats:

  • The ones with a sticky layer - traditional option, often used when therapist covers nails with nail decor - beads, rhinestones, foil, etc. This top coat needs to be wiped with a special solution after curing to remove the sticky layer. 
  • Without a sticky layer - after drying, the nails do not need to be wiped with a special solution. This reduces the overall time of the treatment.
  • Matte top coat. This top coat has matte and velvety texture. It can be used on all or some of the nails. 

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